Communications Karma: You Get What You Give

No, this isn’t some weird Zen discussion on meditation, it’s about how we communicate safety in our everyday work. Face-to-face, emails, texts, virtual calls, they have a place in the communication spectrum but are you using them the right way for your audience? The practice of positive verbal and body language will send the right message to your team and will allow them to give that same positivity back! If we are not showing our love and compassion to those we protect, how will they know we care? How we walk and talk the safety message sets the safety culture for many organizations. Let’s be sure it’s the right message! Attend this fun session to learn more about not just what you say but how you are saying it!

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:

  • Identify safety communication methods that need positive improvement.
  • Discuss conversation, feedback and listening strategies to make you a better safety pro.
  • Practice positive body language techniques to send the right message.

Read what attendees have to say about Regina McMichael…

On behalf of Chemours, I would like to thank Regina McMichael for her effective and impactful presentation. In the often – tiresome setting of a corporate gathering, Regina’s enthusiasm, personable nature and ability to convey the importance of safety in a compelling and unique manner grabbed participants’ attention and ignited a new energy in the conference. In particular, Regina facilitated an exercise on the importance of body language while communicating with others. Bilingual employees volunteered to act out scenarios in their native country’s language to focus participants on identifying the context of conversations based solely on body language. Feedback after the conference was overwhelmingly positive – Regina’s presentation stood out from the others. 

Who is it for?

  • Safety Pros

  • C-Suite

  • Managers

  • HR Team

  • Supervisors

Anyone who wants to communicate better and be understood the first time.

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